Shakespeare and Faulkner

i love it when authors link to each other. The Sound and the Fury is one of my favorite novels, the title borrowed from Shakespeare, “a tale of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

in The Sound and the Fury, the character Benji looks through the fence to a pasture his family used to own but sold to a golf course. Benji sees the world through the unique lens of the mentally handicapped, so to him he peeks through “the curling flower spaces.”

i struggle with my own demons, and i think of my blog as a tale of sound and fury, glancing through the curling flower spaces. and as a tempest in a teapot, i quote The Tempest in the title, “O brave new world that has such people in’t.”

a mish-mash of authors. i don’t even remotely claim to share a realm with Faulkner or Shakespeare, but i hope they don’t mind if i appreciate their genius through the flattery of complimentary copy-catting!

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