Chocolate O’ Chocolate, whatchyou do to me

i ate a lot of cake yesterday. i had an emergency chocolate, chocolate-fudge calling. BUT i’m allergic to wheat, so i had to take a benedryl.

now. it’s 9:00pm, i’ve taken benedryl, and most peeps can prolly guess what the benny-d’s does to me: sleep like a stone.

i thought about going to bed early so i’d already be in bed when i checked out for the night, but damn that couch be lookin fine! couch wins. matthew couldn’t budge me to bed, i was out like Fraser v. Ali, so he gave up and went to bed without me.

3:00am my drugged ass wakes up and i’m just omg i hurt so bad need bed and millet pillow stat. i actually take the time to wash off my waterproof mascara, unbelievably, and then ooze my way into the bed buck nekkid cause who gives a shit about finding a damn nightgown at 3 am? a few hours later and matthew gets me up. i am in so. much. pain. from sleeping like a pretzel on the couch. ow.

next time, benedryl = bed drill. (cough, yeah right!)