To Breathe or not to Breath, that Is the Question

Poll: I’ve had two sinus surgeries to help my poor schnozz not get a sinus infection every time i rode an airplane or drove past a doctor’s office, and the last one even helped me breath better! Problem: the last surgery revealed that my nostril valves, not the actual hole in your nose, but the thing on the inside that flexes wider and narrower when you breathe, that valve is so small in my nose i have a hard time breathing. Which I didn’t know until April of this year when the nose tacos were removed post-surgery… anyone wanna see the video of the nose tacos again?

Anyway, I was referred to a facial reconstruction plastic surgeon. she didn’t even have to look into my nose to tell me what was going on (but she did to be a good doctor). Apparently I have a “Classic Scandinavian Nose.” Which is weird cause growing up everyone told me it was a Roman nose so I didn’t need plastic surgery to fix my huge bump to fit in because I was regal. Whatever, grown-ups suck. Fast forward. I have learned to love my Scandinavian nose, and man it fuckin rocks. But it doesn’t breathe…

Here’s the catch I’m trying to get to if you’re still with me. If I get nostril reconstruction surgery, it significantly alters the shape of my nose. Seriously, my nose rules. I can’t go changing it now that I like it!

The poll: Am I being vain? Am I letting vanity cloud my judgement? Or should I surrender and breathe better? I’m stuck.

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