possibly a chant by Maria Sabina?

Mazatec Chant

Says.. woman who thunders am I,
woman who sounds am I.
Spiderwoman am I, says
hummingbird woman am I says
Eagle woman am I, says
important eagle woman am I.
Whirling woman of the whirlwind am I, says
woman of a sacred, enchanted place am I, says
Woman of the shooting stars am I. …

I’m a birth woman, says
I’m a victorious woman, says
I’m a law woman, says
I’m a thought woman, says
I’m a life woman, says …

I am a spirit woman, says
I am a crying woman, says
I am Jesus Christ, says …
I’m the heart of the virgin Mary.

-Mushroom Ceremony – Smithsonian Institute

I copied this exactly from an ironically anti-drug website, “Use Your Voice.” When I searched the Internet for Maria Sabina chants, I retrieved this. When I searched for their credit “Mushroom Ceremony Smithsonian Institute,” I didn’t get this chant, but it does seem in the style of Maria Sabina.

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